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For the benefit of those who may have access to the web, but can't send us e-mail, or who are afraid that copies of an e-mail might remain on your computer, we have made this page for you to send us e-mail over the web.

We understand the need for confidentiality. There are many Orthodox lesbians in Israel, but social pressures make it hard for us to find each other. Whatever message you type in the box below will be sent to us directly and will be shared with no one. If you would like us to contact you, let us know how we can do that. We can call you or write to you, and eventually meet with you. If you would like to call us, please tell us something about yourself. The need for confidentiality is important for us as well.

Please note: if you don't include some way for us to contact you in your message, there's no way we can respond. We have received a number of messages from women who have asked questions but have given no means of replying. When we say that this page is anonymous, we really mean it. If you don't tell us how to get back to you, we can't answer you.

Also, for those who want to give us a phone number, please be aware that this site is run from Israel. We are not funded, and calling a number in the US isn't practical. If you are in the New York area, we have people who can contact you, but anywhere else, we can't guarantee it. If you want to take the chance, please specify where you are located as well (the area code alone doesn't help), and we'll try and find someone in that area who can contact you.

After you have typed your message, you may click on the "send mail" button to send it to us, or you may click on "clear form" to erase what you have typed.

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